Paramore introducing Twenty One Pilots at Alternative Press Music Awards

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You always have a choice. A choice to think about the bad or the good, a choice to walk towards brighter light or lie in the dark. The #suicide sign project has never been about telling people what to do. I started this project to encourage people to think differently, to think happier; to remind them that if given time, things do change.” (x)

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Hayley, Chad & Alf during the Alternative Press Music Awards rehearsals on the 20th




Credits to Marc Espiritu.

taylor’s little ringlet though

this is so cool

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"Found one of my old journals from right around the time we were heading out on tour with NFG in the UK early 2008. I started reading it and couldn’t help but cry a little bit, because that person was really confused and very lost, and as it went on, the person behind the pen seemed to get a little bit stronger… That part felt good. It was the reminder I needed that right now I’m as strong as ever. There really isn’t a point to telling you all of this, except maybe I want to thank you, because you are a constant reminder that I’m not as lost as I once was.” 

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woah where is this from i’ve never seen it omg

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Artist: Paramore
Title: When It Rains (Demo)
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Hayley Willams - Hair (2014)

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